Welcome to our Genealogy Section

The data found here is made possible by the work of many individual's research and people willing to share their family histories. Remember this is a work-in-progress and it continues to change and grow. We hope this sharing and growing "Tree" of information will provide a vision of our ancestry. The "Genealogical Database" was converted from PhpGedView to Webtrees software.

NOTE: If you had a "Sign On " to the old software, you will need to request a new one again for the new software.

  • Stenzel-Aldrich Family Genealogy - The information found here is "believed" to be accurate, but not everything has been verified. I'm sure there are typos and errors in information. If you find any, please contact me with the correction and it's source via Feedback.
  • Coat of Arms - "Stenzel" Coat of Arms.
  • Name History - "Stenzel" Name History.
  • Family Tree Maker Online - "Howard Stenzel" Family Tree Maker Web Home Page.
  • Cousin Finder Calculator & Charts - Useful in determining Relationships between two individuals (Answers question why cousin Vinnie is "Once Removed").
  • Maps - Interesting and useful maps.
  • Web Links - Internet links which may assist you in finding and collecting family genealogy information.